Sleepy Time pillow mist


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P I L L O W M I S T – There are no monsters under the bed, but our little ones can certainly be convinced that there are. Spray this pillow mist on your child’s pillow to help ease them into a relaxing sleep. Why not read them a calming storying to help ease them into a deep sleep. We suggesting using this on children (or adults) that are 4 and up. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: gemtly shake the bottle prior to each spray. With the spray about 8 – 10 inches above the pillow Mist your pillow or sheets once or twice. No more than two spritz! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The blended notes of Lavender + chamomile. Will help your little one fall asleep. Lavender – Known to aid with relaxation chamomile – Known to aid in sleeping Listing is for Pillow Mist

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