About Us

Scent the Natural Way

Pleasant Run Farms Candle Co is the brand for the Corporation Crafters Playhouse, LLC.  Everything is handmade right out of my  Pleasant Run Farms Ohio studio. At this time there is one employee. My workshop is a small 150' space that I use to mix fragrances, Melt wax , make soap and ship product.

I started making candles about 10 years ago after a bad experience with a big box store. One afternoon I started studying candlemaking, and ran to Joann's fabrics and bought a candle kit. Well, my first try was an absolute disaster! Since that time I have perfected the delicate balance of wax and fragrance and have created a product line I'm sure candle lovers will enjoy.

All of my products are hand poured into small batches. The benefit to hand poured is that you are getting a well-made product that is made of passion and great detail. I don't use any of that manufacturing stuff that the big guys use. This is why so much detail goes into your item. I hope you enjoy what I have created for you. I look forward to a long-term relationship with you.