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Antique Books (AKA Contentment)

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Antique Books (AKA Contentment)

Did you know the library has a distinct smell? Yes, really it does! The wax melt is inspired by the smell of an old library full of antique books. a thin balance of aged paper with just enough leather and a touch of vanilla.

Scent Notes: Sandalwood Vanilla, Leather, Fresh Cut Grass

***Pleasant Run Farms Candle co candles are handmade & hand poured.

***We use only 100% natural soybean wax in our candles

*** Only Natural wood wicks are used

*** They are expertly scented and are made in small batches for consistent fragrance.

***These 8oz Glass Jelly jar containers offer a 30 hour burn time on average.

***The glass measures 2.75 inches wide by 3.75 tall. Tall comes with a gold metal lid.

Ultimate care and attention to details to make sure these candles are the best handmade product on the market.

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